European Coalition to End Animal Experiments

About Us

The European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE) is a grouping of 15 animal protection organisations across the European Union (EU). We work to reverse the rising tide of animal experiments – currently over 11 million each year in Europe alone.

The Coalition was formed in 1990 by organisations across Europe to campaign for a ban on animal testing for cosmetics. Having successfully achieved this objective in 2013, today we lead the European campaign against all animal experiments.

As the leading umbrella organisation specialised in this area we have stakeholder status with official EU bodies which intersect with animal experiments. Our team of experts from major European anti-vivisection and animal protection organisations work together through coordinated action to achieve positive results for animals in laboratories.

We work with the European Commision, MEPs and the wider public to ensure that animals in laboratories are on the European political agenda. We campaign for humane, modern science and progressive legislation.

The ECEAE currently has 15 member organisations with a range of legislative, scientific and political expertise.