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ECEAE hosts key cosmetics event with MEPs in European Parliament

The European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE) yesterday hosted a key debate with MEPs from three political parties addressing issues surrounding the implementation of the 2013 animal tested cosmetics marketing ban (1). This is a crucial time for animals in laboratories, as the European Commission is currently deciding on its recommendation to either delay or maintain a marketing ban on the import and sale of animal tested cosmetics in 2013.

At the meeting, Parliamentarians discussed the real impact of the marketing ban with representatives from the European Commission and the cosmetics industry, including the many thousands of animals throughout the world who will be spared, and the positive scientific status of alternative methods.









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Nick Palmer, ECEAE Director of Policy said: “We are very pleased at the level of interest in animal testing for cosmetics at EU level. The debate was well attended and very informative, highlighting the availability of reliable alternatives to animal testing for cosmetics. A full ban to remove all animal tested cosmetics from our shelves must be implemented in 2013 without further delay.”

Simon Duffy, Founder of Bulldog Natural Skincare who spoke at the debate, commented: “As a leading natural skincare company, which has always been highly committed to not testing its products or ingredients on animals, we call on the EU to honour its commitment to introduce a full ban in 2013.”

Event co-host British Liberal Democrat MEP Chris Davies helped to negotiate the existing legislation.  He said: "Some 10 years ago we made a pledge once and for all to end the suffering of animals used to make products intended principally to flatter human vanity. That's a pledge we must keep, and there is really no good reason why it cannot be done."

Event co-host Green MEP Keith Taylor called on the Commission to accept the need for the full ban to come into force without further delay. Keith said: “the cosmetics industry has been given enough time to find alternative tests. It is totally unacceptable that cosmetics companies continue to try and stall this legislation while thousands of ingredients are already available to them and many viable, and in some cases more accurate, alternatives to animal testing exist. I find it sickening that products sold in the EU still contain ingredients which are tested on animals. This is a cruel and unnecessary practice which the parliament has already voted to ban.”

Event co-host ECR MEP Julie Girling said: “It was a very balanced, informative and focused discussion revealing some options the Parliament may need to consider in their response to the upcoming Commission report on the feasibility of the 2013 Cosmetics Marketing Ban. I only hope that such a mature and clear dialogue shall continue between all interested parties.”


1. Keith Taylor MEP (Greens/EFA), Julie Girling MEP (ECR) and Chris Davies MEP (ALDE) 

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