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ECEAE counts down to historic day when there will be No Cruel Cosmetics in Europe!

The ECEAE’s long-fought campaign to end animal testing for cosmetics in Europe is finally nearing an end with the news that the ban which will end the sale of all new cruelly animal tested cosmetics is due to come into force on 11th March this year. 

Our count down to the ban has begun after the new European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, Tonio Borg, reaffirmed his personal commitment at a meeting with the ECEAE on 30th March that the ban will go ahead as originally planned.


ECEAE Chief Executive Michelle Thew and European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy Tonio Borg, 

The former European Commissioner in charge of the EU’s cosmetics regulations had been considering recommendations to delay or weaken the ban, allowing the cosmetics industry to continue testing cosmetic products and ingredients on animals until they could find alternative methods. 

The ECEAE has been at the forefront of the European campaign to end animal testing for cosmetics for 23 years – and we are immensely proud of this achievement.  It has been a long and difficult journey to get here.

Over the years the ECEAE has fought each postponement and delay in our determination to end animal testing for cosmetics in Europe. We took our message to the public, the media, key European government departments and ultimately to Europe. We recognised the importance of a sales ban early on where no animal tested cosmetics could be sold in Europe, and continued in our fight to achieve both this and a testing ban.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our campaign to end cruel cosmetics in Europe over the years, we could not have done it without you!

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