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WCAPS Hungary

As the first initiative for the protection of animals in Hungary, since being establish in 1990 our goal has been saving homeless, abandoned and wounded animals and assisting distressed animals. Thanks to the devoted work of its founders and the Advisory Board, the foundation took a leading role in educating the public to take care of animals lovingly and to keep animals in an appropriate way. For many years, we bought dogs into our preliminary shelters, from where they would be adopted by devoted owners, monitoring their well-being and quality of life and strengthening ties between humans and animals.

Our priorities in the field of animal protection:

Implementing preventive solutions by informing, educating and appropriately communicating society, addressing all age groups

  • Making municipality decrees on the keeping of animals more practicable
• Enhancing pet animal owners’ compliance with applicable regulations 

  • Establishing the professional foundations of animal protection training in Hungary

  • Raising awareness among policy makers and law enforcement agencies of the relationship between animal cruelty and domestic violence
Establishing a network for free legal protection spanning across all regions of Hungary

  • Raising public awareness of the fact that the protection of animals means the protection of humans at the same time

  • Transforming the perception of keeping animals from a right to a priviledge

  • Improving the Decree of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, affecting vast numbers of farm animals
  • Amending the Penal Code on the basis of the National Programme for the Protection of Animals (NPPA)

Our projects to date include:

  • Promoting enforcement of Hungary’s Animal Protection Law
Educating elementary school children about responsible pet ownership
Advocating spaying/neutering as a healthy, humane, effective way to lower the stray pet population

  • The Legal Advice Service has been set up with the aim of informing the public about how to use the Animal Protection Law to prevent cruelty to animals. Established 10 years ago, it has been the first and only project of its kind in Hungary.
  • The White Cross Animal Protection Society, with the support of our Hungarian and international partner organisations, has set up a Civil Ombudsman’s Office to serve as advocate and arbitrator of animal protection issues.

  • With the goal of helping both those who design and those who implement animal protection legislation, we have conceptualised a project with the acronym NPPA, which stands for “National Programme for the Protection of Animals”. The programme’s objective is to develop and help enforce the 1998 Animal Protection Law. Its most significant points include regulations related to the protection of farm animals.

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III. Békásmegyer

Contact by Phone
  • Tel: (1) 303-5694
Fax: (1) 453-24-69

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