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Prijatelji životinja (Croatia)

Prijatelji životinja - Animal Friends Croatia (AFC) - is a non-profit non-governmental organisation that promotes animal rights, animal protection and vegetarianism as an ethical, ecologically acceptable and healthy lifestyle.

AFC has over 4,000 members, both in Croatia and abroad, and over 7,500 supporters.

AFC has organised many campaigns and demonstrations that have focused on animal suffering in laboratories, the food industry, fur farms, hunting and fishing, the entertainment industry among others.

AFC educates through public demonstrations, information stalls, lectures and movie projections, protests, performances and more and has worked on changing relevant bills and legislation.

AFC also successfully works with organisations in its neighbouring countries.

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Contact by Phone

Gajeva 47

10000 Zagreb


Contact by Phone
  • Tel: 00385 60 44 66 44

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