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Society for the Protection of Animals Ljubljana (SPAL)

Society for the Protection of Animals Ljubljana (SPAL) is a non-profit, non-governmental volunteer organization. Since being established in January 1999, SPAL has tried to improve the situation and status of neglected animals and to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals. By raising awareness, informing and education, SPAL try to prevent irresponsible attitude towards the animals in the long-run while helping as many animals in need of assistance as possible.

The vision of SPAL is based on awareness that the animals we coexist with are sentient beings with species-specific needs which have to be observed and respected if we want to enable them decent life without suffering.

All activity aims to spread awareness of the responsibility we have towards all animals. Our mission is implemented by informing, educating and training in the field of animal welfare.

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Contact by Phone

Society for the Protection of Animals Ljubljana – DZZŽ LJ
p.p. 4733
1001 Ljubljana - Slovenia

Contact by Phone
  • Tel: +386 41 751 722

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