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Main Content:

LSCV from Switzerland

Founded in 1883, the Swiss League against vivisection, a non-governmental non-profit association, is the oldest organisation against animal testing active in Switzerland. Its head offices are in Geneva.

The Swiss League against animal testing does not accept animal testing as an inevitable source of research and is therefore actively engaged in fighting against in-vivo research on animals. All legal methods, e.g. lobbying members of parliament and organising nationwide information and publicity campaigns, are used to achieve the abolition of animal experimentation. It encourages the conception and development of animal free research methods and promotes their recognition. It contributes financially to organisations who are involved in the development of such methods and who refuse using animals.

The Swiss League against animal testing believes that research can only generate results applicable on humans if tests had previously been made on human cell or tissue cultures (in vitro) or by using computer models (in silico) or other technologies where animals are not involved. 

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LSCV Switerland
Contact by Phone

Schweizer Liga gegen Vivisektion

Ligue suisse contre la vivisection

Lega Svizzera contro la Vivisezione

Chemin des Arcs-en-Ciel 3
1226 Thônex

Contact by Phone
  • Secrétariat: 022 349 73 37

  • Fax: 022 349 19 54

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