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Lega Anti Vivisezione (Italy)

Founded in Italy in 1977, LAV has over 35,000 members and 85 branches. LAV works for the abolition of vivisection and the recognition of animal rights, and fights against any violence on any living being, including humans.

In 1993, LAV obtained the first law in the world which recognises the right of conscientious objection to vivisection for researchers and students; in 1991 the progressive law for the protection of animals kept as pets, which forbids the killing of stray animals; on January 2002, the Government Ordinance which bans the import, export and detention of cat and dog furs. LAV revealed the appalling reality of 'Zoomafia' - a new word coined by the Association to express the exploitation of animals by criminal organisations — and publishes a yearly report on the Italian situation. In 2004, LAV obtained a law against animal abuse and in 2006 a ban on seal fur trading.

In 2010 LAV obtained a law against puppy trade from abroad. In 2012 LAV was the main association that operated for the confiscation of almost 3000 dogs, property of the Green Hill society, intended to be used for vivisection. In 2014 LAV obtained a law that prohibits the breeding of cats and dogs for vivisection and experiments in Italy. Every year the association updates its manual for legal protection of animals. 

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Via Piave, 7 - 00187 Roma

Contact by Phone
  • Tel: 0039 6 446.13.25
Fax: 0039 6 446.13.26

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