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ECEAE launches its European election campaign

The European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE) has launched its European election campaign to make meaningful and long-lasting change for animals in EU laboratories. The launch, which took place during the ECEAE bi-annual meeting in Rome this week, and follows recent meetings with MEPs and policy makers from around Europe.

Elections to the European parliament take place between 22-25 May and ECEAE members and observers will be asking political parties and individual candidates to sign up to the following proposals:

  • End animal experiments for household product ingredients throughout Europe – this follows the implementation of a ban on the testing and importing of animal-tested cosmetics in 2013. This offers a clear precedent for the European Commission to follow in banning the use of animals to test household products.  

  • Increase investment in replacement – the ECEAE is calling for 80 million Euros a year to be ring-fenced and put towards the development of non-animal alternatives. This is a small proportion of the total EU science budget but could play a part in beginning to end the use of animals in experiments.

  • Set a deadline to end the “severe” testing category – European Directive 2010/63/EU outlines the tests in this category which include forcing an animal to run until he/she becomes exhausted and using repeated electric shock treatment to induce a state of ‘learned helplessness’.

  • Set a target to reduce the number of animals tested – the latest EU statistics, published at the end of 2013, showed that just under 11.5 million animals were used in 2011. Although this is a slight reduction on the previous figure, we are calling for much more progress to be made when the statistics for 2014 are published.

During meetings at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Director of Policy Nick Palmer met representatives from across the political spectrum and received broad support for the measures, which will now be sent to parties and candidates throughout the EU.

The ECEAE will be working in all 28 EU Member States ahead of the election to ensure that the voice of animals in laboratories is heard in Brussels and Strasbourg for the next five years. 

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