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Main Content:

ANIMA MUNDI (Macedonia)

Association for the Protection of Animals ANIMA MUNDI is a civil association created to initiate commitment and public action against any kind of abuse and exploitation of animals by humans. aim at individual and collective change human consciousness and promoting awareness of the true nature of animals as beings that feel pain, suffering and fear. We believe that all living beings that feel entitled to life and liberty. The ultimate goal of ANIMA MUNDI is the abolition of all forms of abuse, torture and exploitation of animals by humans. 1. In the context of achieving this goal tend to lift ban:

Killing and torture animals in the name of any order - slaughterhouses, hunting and fishing, experiments on animals, breeding animals for the needs of all industries, the use of animals as pets, use of animals for entertainment purposes (circuses, zoo parks hippodromes etc) and other selfish human needs.

Second Put our maximum effort:

  • Care of abandoned and homeless animals, providing adequate assistance and ensuring their safe accommodation. Protection of all animals in individual cases of torture and cruelty-protection of endangered and protected species in their natural environment, and the protection of species that are of trade and endangerment. Promotion and indication of vegetarianism and veganism as an ethical and environmentally sustainable lifestyle, education about vegetarianism and veganism as a healthy form of nutrition.
  • Third Educating citizens in order to reconcile man and nature
  • Raising and developing environmental awareness and protection of the environment;

In addition:

  1. Will act and raise awareness about the relationship between man and animals and their true nature as beings with feelings of pain and fear,

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Contact by Phone

Ул. Ордан Пиперката 33,
Скопје, Република Македонија

Contact by Phone
  • Tel: 077 487 253

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