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The ECEAE was founded in 1990 by a group of animal protection organisations from across Europe who wanted to see an end to cosmetics testing on animals.

Realising that the best way to achieve this was by working together at a European level, our collective efforts resulted in a successful campaign to ban cosmetics testing on animals throughout the EU. Crucially, we were also able to ensure that the resulting Cosmetics Directive introduced a ban on the marketing of cosmetics tested on animals outside the EU.

The campaign proved such a success that the alliance has continued, and 20 years on, the ECEAE continues to lead campaigning on all animal experimentation issues in Europe.

Over the last two decades, our tireless campaigning has achieved many successes. Here is a short list of those we’re most proud of…


  • Our campaign throughout the 1990s was integral to achieving the end of animal testing for cosmetics in the EU.
  • We secured key gains in REACH chemicals testing legislation and regulations which have enabled us to save millions of animals from testing.
  • We have rolled out the only globally recognised cruelty free standard for cosmetics (the Humane Cosmetics Standard or HCS).

Creating change

However, with a staggering 12 million animals used in EU research every year, there is still much for us to do. We believe that it is possible to create a world without animal experiments, and will work tirelessly until no more animals are made to suffer in cruel and painful tests. If you agree that animals deserve better, please consider supporting us today.

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